You know those commercials for those texting phones that have the people’s faces where their thumbnails should be? I have no recollection of the company nor the name of the phone. But those commercials freak me out.

What’s more? They totally freak my son out, too. The other day, that commercial came on, and M looked at me with big teary eyes and one of his long, high pitched whines started to come out of his scrunched up face.

I picked him up, turned him away from the TV, but he just tried to look at it. Maybe to see if those freak thumbs had gone away yet, maybe because looking at things that scare or disturb us is part of the human genetic code. Anyway, I had to turn the TV off.

There’s not a lot that scares my little man. Those thumb people and when he turns the dial on the front of the washing machine to turn the end-of-wash buzzer back on– when it actually buzzes, he cries.

Not to worry, though. I protect him. I turn off the scary thumbs, and I try to make sure the buzzer’s off when I start the wash. There will be a lot of things to freak him out, I know. But I’ll always be there to hold him tight and make the monsters go away. It’s a most important job. And I’m glad it’s mine.


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