Sleep and My Face

Knock on wood for us over here, because we’ve been sleeping. The last two nights, M hasn’t needed us to help him back to sleep. The few nights before that, when he couldn’t fall back to sleep on his own, I was able to slip in, pat his back, and slip back out again without him fully waking to cry and demand the boob.

For about a week, maybe more, I’ve not nursed him at all overnight. Not even the nights after my days away from him at work. It’s a little sad that that part is pretty much done for us, but it’s been much harder on me since he’s been out of our bed.

I’m not sure if it’s helped or not, but part of me believes that it did. That “it” is this: last week, I started telling M during our bedtime routine that it would be really nice for him to let Mommy sleep and only wake up one time. The nights that I told him something to that effect, wouldn’t you know it he woke up once, and went back down easily at that one waking. And the nights I forgot to say anything, he was up three times. Fortunately, even those nights were still okay because he fell back to sleep right quick. So the night before last, James had put him down because I had to go in for an extra shift, and stay to close. He made a little noise sometime in the middle of the night, but never yelled. Last night, I got home in time to rock and sing him to sleep. I talked to him a little bit before starting the song, and let him know that he should go ahead and sleep through again. Tonight, I told him again that it would be great if he can go without our help all night, that he knows we’ll be there if he needs us, but he’s a big boy and can sleep on his own now. We’ll see if the trend continues.

And now for something completely different. My face. I’ve been using olive oil on it because I heard that certain oils are actually good for helping the skin maintain its natural lubrication for optimum health and clarity. Since I’m about to be thirty in a scant ten days and can’t remember a full week in recent history that my face hasn’t had at least one giant red blemish on it. The worst is that now M notices them and wants to point to them a lot. Makes me feel so pretty, you know?

Anyway, I figured I had olive oil, I’d give it a go. And you know what? I immediately noticed a difference in my complexion. Even if no one else did. My skin is softer and more luminous. Unfortunately, it hasn’t kept its promises in the pimple department. There are other oils out there, and from what I’ve read it might take a bit to figure out what oil or oil blend will work best. I’m just kind of disappointed. My blackheads seem to have gone away, why couldn’t it do the same for the big guys? I’m not giving up on the oils. Because I really am fond of what it’s done. The pimples I’m getting now at least seem to go away a lot faster, but still. I hate them. I hate them so much. And I’m getting too old for this. Maybe that’s why everyone who doesn’t know my birth year says I look so young. I have the bright red markings of a high school mathlete. Sigh. I guess it’s time to hunt me down some castor, sunflower and/or tea tree oils.


One thought on “Sleep and My Face

  1. mom says:

    I better start using olive oil on my face so I can look softer and more luminous!!Glad that M has been doing better in the sleeping business.  I just hope he doesn’t get all messed up when he is in WI!    LU, mom

    P.S. Thanks for writing, (I have bee going through blog withdrawal!) And thanks for posting new M pics!

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