I love taking M to the playground. There’s a big one nearby, all built from wood, with all sorts of fun stuff for bigger kids to climb and jump and run around. There are four infant swings, four regular swings and a tire swing. Now that M can walk pretty well, he leads the way. He walks and climbs where he can, and I follow. Because there are a lot of older kids around who don’t always watch out for the smaller ones. But he sure watches out for them. He says hi to the parents sitting on the benches, and his eyes go all big when he sees all the kids climbing and jumping and running.

Today he discovered sand.

He couldn’t climb into the sandbox part on his own, and frankly, he got a bath last night, so I wasn’t too eager for him to immerse himself in the stuff, myself. So he stood at the side where there was a joint in the wall filled with sand and just ran his fingers through it over and over, occasionally looking up to see who was walking up the slide or building castles. Or squawk and sing.

He went on the swings, and there was another little one, maybe older by a couple of months, who was just laughing and laughing. M looked over at him and forced a laugh out his own mouth. Which made his mama laugh, which made him laugh for real.

He’s such a blast, this kid. It’s hard to believe that whole little person found his way through my body to get here not so long ago. This is the best time of my life so far.


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