I Heart Carmex

So I went to work today. Yeah, I know, a Tuesday. But see, it’s Thanksgiving week and all, which is just the start of all the retail shenanigans. So the nice thing is I don’t work again until Sunday. Anyway, it’s been chilly around these parts lately, but more than that, it’s been dry. Static shock dry. Cracking hands dry. Bright pink lips dry.

Before leaving the house, I meant to toss some lip balm in my lunch bag or coat pocket, but then I got distracted by my husband (no, not like that) and just forgot. So all day long my lips got drier and pinker and yuckier.

Now that I’m done eating dinner, I have liberally applied my beloved Carmex, and my lips have been soothed. This is truly something to be thankful for.

And if we’re all lucky, tomorrow’s entry will be far more interesting than this.


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