Work to Do

I’ve got a few things left on my list today, so here’s another short update.

James was home this morning, and awake, too, since he had an “early” night last night. So we got to hang out and have breakfast together. Watch the news and play. When M went down for his nap, I checked the first two things off my list. I went to the post office and the grocery store. And while I did enjoy my time unfettered, as it was, by a baby on my back or in my cart or tearing things off shelves, without him, I felt just a touch more invisible. He’s a charmer, that one, and elicits smiles from many friendly strangers, which I kind of missed.

I have to write two emails about unsatisfactory products I’ve received lately. My Charlie’s soap came in a box so damaged that both bags inside had busted open and there was powder everywhere. I was lucky to salvage most of it, though I’m sure I did lose at least a couple laundry loads’ worth of the stuff. The other thing is still so confusing that I’m not even going to start on it right now.

I’ve also been given a helping task for James in his quest for the dream job. I have been working very hard on being supportive of him, giving him space, and not nagging him about applications and everything, but it’s not always easy to let him do his own thing when you’re tired of seeing him “waste” his evenings in front of the television or PlayStation (“waste,” of course being the way I see it when I’m in a nagging mood, the reality being that he works very hard at a crappy job every day to support his family, and he needs and deserves time to just “be” for awhile when he comes home at night). But with his job searching, there is really only so much that someone who is not the applicant himself can do to help. But today, he gave me a job. I’m helping him reformat his resume and help get it to look more like a government resume should look. Not that I know much about it, but he showed me what to do, and I will do my best and hope that together, we can get him going in the right direction, anyway.

So while the baby still naps, I’m going to help my husband while he works another long night into the wee hours of the morning so maybe he won’t have to do this forever.


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