Sans Visual

So if you’ve been wondering where all my M pictures are lately, I must tell you two things.

1. I’m really bad about uploading and organizing. Especially since I’ve had more limited free time with which to putter around the computer. I’ve been making a bigger effort around the homestead, which means that digital picture files and the moving and organizing that they require have fallen by the wayside.

2. A lot of the pictures I have taken lately include one or both of the following: M reaching for the camera; M not wearing any pants. And I’ve been really good about not posting naked bottom pictures of my baby on the Internet, something for which I hope he is grateful as he grows up. But there’s nothing wrong with the first thing, so here’s one of those:

nov082008_0042He has seen the LCD display screen enough now that he gets so excited when I pull out the camera because he wants to see that funny looking baby that is always there. What he needs to learn now is that it’s going to be the same old funny looking pictures over and over again unless he leaves me alone long enough to take a few shots of him in the present adorable moment.

Oh well. This is life with a one-year-old. And I’m not complaining. Just look at that little tongue of his.


One thought on “Sans Visual

  1. Terri says:

    I really miss that cute little face!! LU, mom

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