I spent the majority of my day on top of a ladder.

I lost a game of chess last night. Got pinned and moved the wrong piece at the end, but I was ahead in points for awhile. It was fun.

M likes to tackle. He’s pretty good. Even drops his shoulder.

I came home from work tonight, and he walked over to me and said, “HI!” Kind of.

He wore a new shirt today that says, “My Dad is the Man” and has a wrench on it. The two of them went to the hardware store today to get filters.

The charcoal in the shower head might make our skin feel nicer.

My skin already feels better from the new regimen on my face.

And I’ve figured out some new hair styling techniques.

I’m not shallow, I’m just trying to make grooming a priority.

I’ve been reading books about nerds and husbands. Both have provided some interesting insight. The latter, however, applies more to my current circumstances.

James is asleep. M is asleep. I should maybe sleep.


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