I’m not really a fan of weekends. Because James is usually working all night. Both Friday and Saturday. Sometimes, though, he gets home early. Like just when I’m thinking about going to bed. Like 11:00pm.

It’s on these nights when he gets home “early” that I remember how we used to be night people, and maybe we still are. Because when he gets home after a night shift, he’s more energized, more talkative than he is on a lot of other, regular early evenings.

So even though I was sleepy and so close to tucking myself in last night, I found myself fighting off the drowsiness as I sat on the floor and connected with my love like I hadn’t in a little while.

We didn’t talk about major big life stuff, though it was one of those times when the timing probably would have been right enough to do so. Instead, I talked feelings, and we talked about making the most of our limited time together.

A few weeks ago, before my parents came to visit, I was vacuuming the living room. I moved the couch away from the wall to really get every corner of the carpet, and I found my husband’s fancy glass chess board. It was covered in a thick layer of dust. As I picked it up and moved it onto the desk in the office, I thought about how playing chess has got to be pretty good for the brain. And as a bonus, playing on a board with someone else is a chance to engage, to interact, to focus on the person across the table instead of random words floating around in cyberspace or a guy running around with a gun on the PlayStation.

So we decided that we’re going to try to pull out the chess set every once in awhile. My husband plays a good game. He claims he’s not that hot, but he has always managed to impress me with his tactics. I would say strategy, but in our conversation last night, he was telling me that he’s not much of a strategist. As for me, I couldn’t tell you much about either.

We don’t play a lot of games, in fact, I’m not sure if just the two of us have sat down to play much of anything since we played cribbage on our honeymoon during the hurricane. Because though I expect it most of the time, the novelty of losing wears off pretty quickly. So I figured if we’re playing chess, a game I know very little about beyond how the pieces can move, I could treat it as a learning experience, which will lessen the loser feeling when I inevitably lose multiple games in a row.

I’m looking forward to getting out the fancy glass chess set and sitting down across from James and exercising my brain with him. He thinks we should just use the plastic and cardboard set, but I’m all about aesthetics, so now we just have to figure out which glass is white and which is black. It seemed to be a big deal, and the main reason for reverting to the plastic and cardboard. Because the frosted glass pieces look white, but the clear squares on the board also look white. And we wouldn’t want to improperly set the board, now, would we?


One thought on “Checkmate

  1. Melissa says:

    What a great idea! And using the glass board will make it feel more special, don’t you think? So nice!

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