• Got to write a cover letter and get a sample portfolio together for a free community poetry workshop at my alma mater. I hope I get in. Because my brain could use the exercise.
  • Working on making the house presentable for my next diaper party on Friday. Yeah, I have people over and talk their ears off about cloth diapering. It’s a pretty sweet deal because it doesn’t cost them anything and I make a bit of pocket money without having to sell stuff.
  • I’m happy with the election results, but more happy that it’s finally over. Now I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.
  • My neighbor is fine. I saw him outside with his wiener dog on my way in the house tonight.
  • I might have a proofreading job in the pipes. It’s been a pretty dry spell with the freelance work lately, so if this employer doesn’t mind me working odd hours at home versus having to meet her somewhere sans kiddo to do it, that is another good thing. This isn’t the guy I usually work with, so we’ll have to see.
  • James recorded the Nazi UFO show that he slept through the other night. Nazis and UFOs together are like chocolate and peanut butter to him.
  • I like Facebook.

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