Red Lights Flashing

Driving home, I get off 95 and head down a pretty big street. From that street I turn right onto a smaller street, and then into my cul-du-sac.

Tonight, as I made that right turn off the big street onto the smaller street, I found myself following an ambulance that had turned from the opposite direction in front of me.

I followed it and kept my distance, as any good driver should. But something told me that it was heading to the same place I was.

There’s nothing quite like that feeling you get when your heart jumps up into your throat as you follow the flashing red lights into your cul-du-sac and it’s parked in a location that could be for your door or a neighbor’s. And a fire truck is there waiting, though it’s lights are off.

The ambulence and fire & rescue people were going into the neighbor’s place. And I breathed a sigh of relief that it wasn’t my family. But then I thought about the nice old man with the weiner dog who lives in that building next to ours. And I hope he’s okay.

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