The Day-to-Day

I’ve only been ill for the last two days or so, which means I really have no excuse for my absence here at the old blog. Except I actually do have kind of an excuse.

The thing is, my daily life is not as blog-worthy as it used to be. I can only do so much bragging about how I get to play all day before it gets old, and everyone gets totally jealous of my leisurely lifestyle and takes my link out of their blogroll.

Sure it’s not all fun and games. Like the last two days when I was sick. We all watched way too much television, and M decided that napping wasn’t on his agenda when it would have worked better with mine, but overall, even being sick hasn’t been the kind of daily grind that gets some laughs or at least a sympathy groan or two.

It’s hard being Mom when your throat hurts worse than labor. It’s true, I actually picked up some of that throat numbing spray it was so bad. That’s right, me, the one who treats Tylenol as a last resort. I hate being numb. And I hate the way that spray tastes, but boy howdy does it work.

Anyway, my daily life has been pretty great lately. M is easy and fun to be around. I’m discovering more patience and selflessness in myself than I ever thought it was possible to have. And while our little family spending days and evenings together at home is far from glamorous, we are all content.

I’m trying to get outside every day, even if it’s just for a walk, and I’m working on including a few extra exercises in the day, too. That is, when I’m not knocked down by the sore throat from hell. It seems like every time I get ambitious like that, even just a little, that’s when I get knocked down by something. So I’m trying to keep the motivation at the front of my mind.

Speaking of motivation, I’m working on a little bit of other stuff, too. I’ve got a crochet project going, and I also finally added prints to my Etsy shop. I would like to get M’s clothes sorted and packed away as well as the office more organized before my parents get here next week, but the list of other, more regular daily chores is a bit more pressing for now. So we’ll see how the week goes, and maybe, now that the throat-wrenching illness is on the wane, we’ll get through it all.

See how exciting I am? I’m almost boring myself, here.

It is exciting, though, that my parents are coming into town. And my baby’s about to turn one. So I think we’ll have a little more to write about next week. In the meantime, I’m totally out of practice for NaBloPoMo coming up again in November. But at least making the attempt at daily posting might get me off this week-of-silence thing I’ve currently got going.


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