There’s an old prison near where I live. It closed years ago. And the women’s workhouse has been in the process of a complete overhaul for at least two years. I learned about the renovations when I was working for the Chamber of Commerce. And frankly, I found the wait a tough one. It seemed like September, 2008 would never come. But here we are, and the week-long Grand Opening started today.

I’m going tomorrow, and the reason I’m so excited? It’s been awhile since I’ve been in close proximity to my great love, art in its various forms. And the Workhouse Arts Center is indeed in close proximity. It’s got studio space, classes (if I can ever afford to take them), theatre, and gallery space. I’m thinking that if they don’t already have something set up, there is definite potential for writing venues like poetry readings, workshops, etc.

I love art. I love music. Theatre. Photography. Dance. I love that there is a place to go with my kid where I’ll feel at home. Because I’m not really an outdoorsy person. Or a touristy person. I’m not willing to shell out hard-earned cash for things like Gymboree. And I always feel guilty at the mall if I don’t buy anything, so I always leave with at least one little bag. Going to a new place for the first time by myself usually intimidates me, makes me want to stay at home with my familiar rooms and regular routines. But a place where art lives, well, that’s pretty much like home to me, too.

I just hope that M enjoys it as much as I do.


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