Notes and This Morning’s Possible Fluke

Thursday: Both of us slept through entire flight. Breakfast, nap, chicken salad at the folks’ with the in-laws.

Friday: Lunch downtown Waukesha. Harleys everywhere. Some doing tricks. Baby was intrigued, but overheating in the sun. Zip-packs with Joyce, Joe, my parents and in-laws for dinner. Ketchup needed to be purchased as we sat down to eat.

Saturday: Lunch with Rob. Half Price Books. Coffee and nerd-talk. M played with my sister all afternoon and failed to nap. Dinner with my whole family (except Nick). M was clingy and a little sensitive. So was I. As I was putting M to bed, Mom and Kev started disagreeing about politics. Brittany slept over.

Sunday: 8:30 mass. Different priest than usual, extended worship service due to the “guest” nature of the officient. M slept through the whole thing. Shopping with the girls. Got an early start and didn’t get home until cocktail hour. Should have brought baby some food besides the boob. He ate well and napped at the mall. Quiet dinner with Mom, Dad and Angela watching The Sound of Music. After M was in bed, everyone fell asleep on the couch.

Fluke?: M woke up around 11:00pm and then slept all the way through until almost 6:30am. I woke up once at 3:30 or 4:00 to pee, and he whimpered a bit, but never woke. This bodes well for future nights, but I’m not going to count on it, which I think is best.

This afternoon: a visit with the in-laws followed by a friend gathering at Greg’s.

I miss James.


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