Dinner at 11

So one particular first I was hoping to avoid for awhile was the first trip to the emergency room. We were there about four hours tonight, and at least it was all early enough that we’re home now, the baby’s in bed, and I’m finally having something to eat.

It was actually something to eat that started it. M is in that stage in his life where he loves, loves, loves eating the same food that Mama and Daddy eat. So we share little bits and bites with him at every meal. And until my evening snack today, without any issue.

Today I was snacking on crackers spread with hummus. And when in the past I’d just offer bits of cracker to the boy, today I gave him a few little bites of hummus to taste with it. He seemed to like it just fine, and kept begging for more, but neither of us ate very much at all. Then he wanted to nurse, so I did that and noticed his face getting a little red. He was all cuddly and clingy. I called the advice nurse hotline and she recommended to call his doctor, or if I couldn’t get a hold of him, to go into emergency and have someone take a look.

They got us in very quickly, we got the Benadryl and a steroid in him by mouth (thank God), and then we waited. And waited. The doc and nurse came by a couple times, just to make sure it was working, and finally when it was apparent that it was, they started the discharge paperwork, which, because it was a full moon and the ER was suddenly swamped, took another hour or more to get back to us.

In the meantime, the baby settled down and fell asleep on me as I watched South Park and The Gong Show on Comedy Central. And he stayed asleep all the way home. But even up until the clock went on passed his bedtime, he was in high spirits, enjoying the attention of the nurses, flirting like his big flirt self. He is such an easy going kid, and I’m grateful to him for that because who knows how much more I would have been freaking if he had been screaming and crying the whole time, too.

And now, he’s sleeping in his crib, and I’m in there every few minutes to make sure he’s still breathing because even though I’m sure he is, I just have to double check just one more time. And with my Internet handy again, I have done a little Googling, which leads me to believe that the culprit is the tahini, or sesame paste, that is found in almost all the hummus you buy in a store. And in all my reading about baby food and allergies, sesame, an extreme allergen in many parts of the world, was never mentioned, nor did I even think for one second that hummus would be one of those bad foods you’re not supposed to feed to your curious and enthusiastic little eater. If I did, of course, I would have just stuck to the crackers.

We’ll call his doc in the morning, and maybe they’ll get him tested so we don’t have to find out the next big allergen with a pricey and time-consuming visit to the ER. In the meantime, though, you can bet we’ll be watching what we all eat a little bit more closely. I feel like a bad mom. I know I’m not, but there’s that part of me that really thinks I should have known better. At least he’s fine, his breathing was always fine, it was just a rash and hives, and thank God for that. Thank God for this kind of scary, the mild kind, the kind that you still freak out about, but that you know in your gut will all work out just fine.


4 thoughts on “Dinner at 11

  1. mommyknows says:

    I am happy your little guy is OK. There are so many allergies these days. It’s odd. My daughter is allergic to nuts and finding out was a terrifying experience.


  2. Terri says:

    I guess now I will have to buy him another present for his emergency room adventure, besides the 2 for his two new teeth! I am so glad that it all turned out good! I am getting so excited to hold him and cuddle him and kiss his cute little face!! I can’t wait to see you all!

    Love, (counting the days) mom

  3. Dad says:

    You’re a great mom!
    This trip to the ER like so many more “first” to come will be part of you’re family history. What’s nice about your blog is that you’ll have these things recorded so we can all look back and enjoy them. I’m glad there wern’t any shots or stitches involved and thanks for writing. Love you.

  4. Oz says:

    Scary! I had no idea sesame was something to worry about.

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