Good Fortune

My Midwest Airlines has come crawling back. Within another day, the ticket prices were back into a much more reasonable range along with the direct flights upon which we’ve come to rely. So we’re all booked and ready to head back to the Midwest on Midwest at the end of this month. I’m super excited. We are all looking forward to a break from the daily grind where James works six shifts in four days and between the two of us we’re working out of the house seven days or more per week. I’m also glad that my airline is trying to reconcile with me, and I hope the customer service even improves a little bit from the “alright” rating I’ve given it in my head lately.

So that’s one piece of awesome news from the last week. Another fortunate development was that I was able to give myself (and the family, too, kind of) a Christmas gift. Why a Christmas gift? Well, because I was cleaning out a purse the other day, one that I haven’t used in awhile and when I had, hadn’t given much thought to its contents beyond shoving my wallet, keys and phone in there. So when I took everything out to throw and put things away I found this envelope of cash. It was from a return I made back in January and promptly forgotten that my gift refund came in the form of this cash money. It was from clothes, so I decided to put the money to use and buy something to wear. I bought it at my store, which got me a sweet discount, and also used a gift card that’s been hanging around and waiting for good reason, so for all intents and purposes, I got us a free Ergo. And let me just tell you something about that carrier: it’s totally magical. M and I went to try it out yesterday, and honestly, I was hoping that it didn’t live up to all the hype because maybe there was a better way to use the found money and gift card that I hadn’t thought of yet. But when I put the thing on and put the baby in it (we tried it out both front and back), it felt like I was carrying nothing at all. My seventeen pound child felt weightless strapped to my body in that thing, and even though I’m sure as he gets heavier, I’ll be able to tell a bit more, I’m not sure it will make much of a difference comfort-wise. The design of the Ergo is rather genius, and I have no idea how it works or how that mom came up with it, but it does and it’s awesome. The only less awesome part of this purchase is that I have to wait a little bit for my particular carrier to come in because the only color we had at my store was black, and I wanted the cranberry. It’s really torture to wait, though, because I’ve been rather obsessed, and trying out the thing yesterday just intensified my obsession to the point where last night all my dreams involved the Ergo in some way, shape or form.

And the latest news on the baby milestone front is that we have a second tooth rising up next to the first. It cut through in a matter of a couple hours yesterday. M cried maybe five minutes about it, but then chewed contentedly on a frozen teether and later, some ice cubes in a feeder net. And then, the next time we glanced in his mouth, there it was. The kid is already an old pro at the getting of the teeth, I must say. He impresses me daily.

Also, he is closer to walking every day. He’s taken multiple steps on his own now without falling over or intentionally sitting down to crawl. As exciting as all this is with the stepping and the teeth, though, I also have to say, HOLY COW – WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BABY!?

That is all. Good things happening. I am grateful. I hope that good things keep happening.


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