So I up and went to Wisconsin for six days without really mentioning much about it this time, didn’t I? It was pretty great. Again, I left my computer at home and again, I didn’t even really miss it.

My dad turned sixty on the fifth. Mom threw him a big party on Saturday. There was a cousin’s baby shower on Sunday and an impromptu barbecue at my in-laws’ house yesterday. We have been quite the party animals. And little M impressed us all with his adaptability.

He’s been a bit of a mommy’s boy lately, but surprisingly, it didn’t take long at all for him to warm up to his grandparents again, and he even let a bunch of other friends and family members to get a few of those precious little baby cuddles. He did a lot of smiling, a lot of crawling, a lot of jumping, and my sister even taught him a new little trick.

We had a good time and enjoyed ourselves, but even though at the start of this trip, it seemed like we didn’t have a very full schedule, it turned out that more of the weekend was spent rushing from one thing to the next than I would have liked. Other than that, you know, it’s always wonderful to spend time with family, and we even got a night out with friends. Good times, indeed, but it’s also very nice to be home.

Except for the fact that as soon as we finished our fast food dinner after walking in the door, James had to go in to work. But I guess that’s all part of the being home, he’s so in demand. But maybe if M decides that his bed is the best and sleeps in it until (dare I hope) seven, that would help.

Now, I should probably cut myself off here. I could use a little sleep in my own bed, too.


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