Banana Mash

I am the best and the most awesome. Last week at Costco, I was perusing the muffin aisle and saw that the variety dozen muffins contained a muffin like I had not seen in there before. It replaced the chocolate muffin between the blueberry and corn, and so I had to know if it was worth trying. But the variety package of muffins is merely labeled, “variety.” Fortunately, there was an entire dozen of the new mystery muffin, and on that label, I read: banana.

Not banana nut.

Now, while I don’t mind a few nuts in my banana muffins or banana breads, my husband is allergic to all things nutty (how he manages to survive living with me and a baby, I don’t know). So when he found that I had brought home banana muffins, he tried not to get his hopes up when he asked if they were banana nut. I ate one the next day and found the “nut” omission to be entirely 100% truth. And he was super excited.

He mentioned offhandedly that I should make some banana bread because it is one of his favorites, which I suppose I knew in the back of my mind, but the knowledge was packed so deeply in there that it had all but been forgotten completely. So since my man has had a very tough couple of weeks, I called up his mom to ask for her recipe.

And it was so easy. And so good. And why the heck have I not been baking banana bread all these years?

I even made a second loaf with my last two about-to-be-overripe bananas to take on a picnic with my moms’ group this afternoon.

So you see, my banana mashing skills are not only limited to making food for babies. And my domestic capabilities are increasing all the time. Do I have a lucky husband or what?


2 thoughts on “Banana Mash

  1. Oz says:

    We make this banana bread recipe all the time:,7120,s6-242-303-309-11861-0,00.html. It’s delicious! I’m sure you could leave out the nuts. It’s even better if you mash up the bananas ahead of time and let them get sweet and sugary. I use about half the sugar the recipe calls for and it’s still great.

  2. mom says:

    your husband IS a very lucky man!!

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