Guess what? I totally joined a Christian moms’ group. I’ve had a few awkward moments, because I seem to be of a slightly more liberal and less godly persuasion than a couple (or most) of the others, but I really like the women and their babies. And it’s a regular weekly social outing, which is good for both of us. And the God stuff? Well, I’ve been meaning to work on my spiritual self for awhile now. Because it is important that my son learn good morals and values, and a religious framework offers a lot of help in that arena. The other mothers in this group have already inspired me to examine my own values and what I hope to pass on to my children.

After a month and a half of Monday-Wednesday-Friday morning fitness classes, I am back into one pair of casual pre-pregnancy pants. Still working on squishing myself into my old jeans, but I’m on my way. With about 3-4 pounds to go to get to my pre-pregnancy weight. If possible, I’d like to lose a little bit more, but in all honestly, as long as I don’t have to buy any more new clothes, I’ll be happy. In addition to feeling better and losing a little weight, I’ve also connected with a couple of other moms who seem promising as new friends. I’ll be getting together with a mom of twin boys around M’s age next week to play and chat for the first time outside of class, and I am super excited.

I get to work with a friend on Thursdays, too. And even though sometimes being around all those other babies at the store makes me miss my boy a lot, I really get a thrill out of helping expectant and new moms find the things and solutions and sometimes also the support that they need. And mostly, I’m just glad when I get to talk to the customers and my coworkers because I really enjoy that interaction, even if we’re just gabbing about diaper pails or breast pumps.

Also, I have another date set up in a couple of weeks to see an old grad school buddy. I’m excited to see her, too, because we always seem to go too long between visits with each other. It’s not easy keeping in touch, and it takes some effort and coordination to stay on top of people. And I sometimes get too busy. I sometimes just forget. Not that people aren’t on my mind, just that I’m not always in a position to act on the impulse to make contact when it hits, and by the time that I am, I might be just distracted enough to forget.

But even though it’s often easier to stay at home and work on baby naps and feeding schedules (perpetual dishes, laundry, and other chores) instead of doing the math required to fully prepare a diaper bag and get myself ready for running around, it’s so worth it to put myself out there, to connect with other moms and old friends. There is value in each of these relationships, some older, some brand new, and I’m really glad that I’m doing all that I am right now. It feels good to be adding more outside activities to my daily life and including more people in my circle of — dare I call them — friends.


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