You’ve Missed Me

I know you have. I went one whole entire week without checking email. Without writing a thing. Reading actual books that I held in my hand instead of staring vacantly at a computer screen for hours on end. And you know what? I didn’t die.

Sure, my feed reader is showing an insanely large number of unread things now that I’ve gone a week instead of a few hours between log-ons, but I hardly even missed the computer while I was in Wisconsin. I enjoyed my family, who incidentally curbed some of their own addictions in order to interact with me and mine. Like turning the TV off when it became an obvious distraction.

So what have I been up to the last week? Let me tell you all about it.

On Thursday, we got up at four in the morning to get on a plane by 6:30. Security was a breeze, and we didn’t have to wait long before boarding. M was an angel, even though he didn’t exactly sleep much. He was quiet enough and fairly content. Adorable as usual, our fellow passengers were quite complimentary. My mom picked us up from the airport once we landed, and we went to breakfast with the in-laws. I ate an omelet without cheese, and the baby finally passed out for good in the car on the way back to the house.

I have to say that the spoiling of the grandchild has begun in earnest. When we got to James’ parents’ house, there in the middle of the living room was the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumparoo. And about fifteen cute little summer outfits. Including a safari hat and sunglasses.

On Thursday, M ate his first banana. He loved it. And one valuable lesson was learned. Banana stains. Not a big deal, because what doesn’t get stained when you have a baby around, really? But good to know for strategically planning his dining location when bananas are on the menu, anyway.

Thursday night, after naps and showers, we headed over to my folks’ place for a hearty dinner of meat and potatoes. It was probably the last time I will have seen their dog, our family dog, Barney, as he is old and decrepit and has a consultation with the vet this Saturday about potentially “ending his suffering.” Sad.

Anyway, Friday morning we had another breakfast out with both sets of parents followed by a brief visit before mine had to get on with their errands. In the afternoon I got my hair cut. I had done a somewhat passable job hacking most of the length a couple of weeks ago, but it needed a bit of help. So my father-in-law scheduled me with Robert, also known as “my Robert” by James’ little girl cousins. First time I think I ever had a man cut my hair, not to mention a straight man. He was very meticulous and complimentary, mistaking me for 17 at first glance (ha!), and going on and on about what a great head of hair I had. He didn’t even make fun of the hack job I had done. Much.

We had a date that night with Rob, his fiancee, the maid of honor and her husband. Fabulous French food and a delicious pomegranate martini. Meanwhile, James’ parents had a nice time with their grandson, which was good to hear because he had been very attached to the mommy during the time we had spent with everyone so far. They gave him some oatmeal, bananas and a bath, and went for a little walk around the neighborhood, where M got to smile and flirt with all the curious neighbors who came out to peek at him. We got back from dinner fairly early, and James went out for a few beers with Nick and Jeff. I cuddled up with the boy and slept.

Saturday was Rob’s wedding, which was very casual but really fun. It was great to see a bunch of friends and watch his mom’s friends get DRUNK. I swear, they were worse than us “kids” with the open bar. It was hilarious. There was no dj, so that group of hooligans got to singing, and while they were at it, I looked at Shari and Michelle and we realized that we were experiencing the future. In thirty years, it’ll be us bellowing some old tune at one of our kids’ weddings. Something to look forward to.

I’m so glad that we got to share Rob’s day, that James got to stand up as his best man. It was nice to hang out with Rob and Lindsey, who we really hadn’t had much chance to get to know very well until their wedding weekend. They seem right together, and so happy and in love, and I really don’t know what more to say about their wedding without getting all sappy.

Since it was an early wedding and reception, we got back to my parents’ place, where they and my sister and future brother-in-law had been watching our boy, by dinner time. We had brats and burgers, and the evening ended with James, Nick and Mom doing tequila shots. They made it to two apiece before M fell asleep on Mom’s shoulder and she was immediately down for the count.

Sunday morning, my boy got baptized. The ceremony itself seemed a little off the cuff. It took place during a regular Sunday mass, and the church lady and the priest each told us something different about where to sit and stand. It was nice, though, and somehow only lasted about an hour. M loved the part where we were standing up front and everyone was looking at him. He was so proud of himself, despite having no idea what was going on.

After church, we went back to my parents’ house, where we all ate way too much food. The weather was gorgeous, family and friends gathered together, M had trouble napping with all that was going on, but he was able to remain fairly sociable for almost the entire time. We took a lot of pictures after most of the guests left, and he looked really adorable in his little white suit, sewn by my mother out of the skirt of my wedding gown.

Monday was a pretty mellow day. My sister had to head back up to Minnesota, and then we headed back to James’ parents’ house. I got to read and relax while M slept for quite some time, and we all had dinner together at the Olive Garden. We determined that the boy must be going through a growth spurt because all he seemed to do all day was eat and sleep. I’ve never really noticed growth-spurt-type behavior like that in him before, so this was pretty new to me. He’s getting heavier, and his belly is getting all round. And I guess that’s just what’s supposed to happen.

Yesterday was spent packing up and saying goodbye. We don’t really like those days as much. The flight back home was pretty good, though M only slept five minutes and was completely exhausted by the time we landed. At least he was easily distracted and the pressure didn’t seem to have much effect on his ears or good spirits. He’s become an old pro at this flying stuff, and he even seemed to remember our home once we got here. He slept great last night, and today went down for naps in the crib without too much fuss.

Of course, now that he’s tasted the sweet nectar of bananas and sweet potatoes, when I only had rice cereal in the house this morning, he spat back every bite and looked at me with this smile like, “I’m sure you must be joking” every time I got the spoon anywhere near his messy little face.

Well, I’m off to finish unpacking, do some more laundry, go with my husband to take the car to be fixed, stop at the bank and the post office, cook some more sweet potato, mash some bananas, and oh yeah, maybe bathe myself sometime today.

My goal with this blogging thing is not really to go a week between posts, but maybe to say a little bit at more frequent intervals. Nap times are good for that. So until the next good nap, I bid you good day.


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