Six Months

Dear Michael,

Today you are six months old. One half of a whole year. It has been a big month for us. You are still the sweetest and most adorable little one I know, and even when things are rough, I’ve really found myself loving every minute we get to spend together.

Our greatest accomplishment of the month only really happened a few days ago. You have started taking your naps in your crib. You put up a bit of a fight the first couple of days, but now, you’re all, “Oh yeah, it’s time to sleep here. Zzzzz.” It’s funny how much I stressed about the transition. How badly I felt that we were still putting you to sleep in the car seat. Because it hasn’t done any harm. And the worst part is, I can’t take any credit for the crib sleeping. Because it’s all you. You are just that adaptable. I often talk to you about what’s going on, what we plan for your immediate future, and even though I know that you don’t understand the words exactly, you seem to know exactly what we expect. Sure not always, you are a baby, after all. But in general, I should probably just shut up and work with you instead of fearing the worst.

We have started giving you your first solid food. So far, it’s been rice cereal. The first time you tried this new concoction, you made faces and we ended up tossing out about half of what we made. You seemed more interested in the spoon than what was on it. The next morning, however, it was a whole new ballgame. You opened wide and held your hands up and out of the way so that you could have uninterrupted access to the deliciousness coming at you over and over again. Every cereal meal since then, you have shown great enthusiasm as soon as you see that dish and spoon. And no matter how much I make, you always seem disappointed when it’s all gone. I can’t imagine what will happen once you taste oatmeal, applesauce, sweet potatoes, bananas, and all the other flavors we will introduce to you.

Speaking of your mouth, it cracks me up daily how you use that thing. You talk a lot, and your tongue is out almost constantly. You have this teether toy that I often give you when we go out somewhere, and one end is a little sphere shape that you rub your mouth on while shaking your head back and forth and yelling, so it comes out sounding like, “babababababababa.” I laugh and laugh and laugh. And you look around for me and smile, too. You do the same thing with my knees or shoulders, too. Sometimes even my breast. And it’s funny every time. I’m sure it’s because you’re beginning some serious teething, but so far it hasn’t bothered you much. I hope that you stay happy even when they start cutting through.

You are sitting up easily now without help, even though we still sometimes will put the Boppy around your butt, you don’t need it. When you tip over, you actually catch yourself. Or you land on your face and turn around to your tummy to go after a water bottle or the tag on one of your toys. You love those tags. But the best part about playing on the floor is when you grab onto mine or Daddy’s fingers and pull yourself up to standing. You’ve started doing it without our help, now, and your smile is enormous every time you do it. You’re still not crawling, but that doesn’t seem to bother you at all. And it’s fine with me because we have yet to finish baby-proofing this place.

You have gotten familiar enough with your environment that you are starting to see the humor in it. Sometimes the most mundane things will just crack you up. Your dad and I have always enjoyed laughing together, and it’s even better when there are three of us laughing. I can’t believe how happy you are. You seem to know you’ve got it pretty good, and you don’t often complain. Not even when you have horrible, horrible diarrhea.

That poop issue showed me again what being a parent is all about. And even though cleaning up (and catching) some of the green water was never exactly something I looked forward to when I dreamed of you before you were born, it wasn’t as bad as it sounds. Poop does come out in the wash. The stench fades. Either the rice cereal or my lack of dairy intake seems to have solved the issue. And you are strong and happy.

We walked in the March of Dimes March for Babies a few days ago. It was a long morning for you, full of pouring rain, loud music, tons of people and even actual thunder. You had a smile for everyone you saw. You usually do. Everyone wants to cuddle with you, and you are more than happy to let them. I love how much you love people. I hope that you always have such an open heart. Your life will be so rewarding if it continues to be so full of love. You show your love in so many new ways every day, I can hardly begin to describe each one and how it makes us feel so lucky to know you. To be in your life. To have you in ours. Thanks for that. You have no idea what it means.



2 thoughts on “Six Months

  1. angela says:

    Happy Half Year Old M!!! We love you!!!

  2. mom says:

    I am getting more and more excited every day to see my totally awesome grandson! I can’t believe how much he has changed in 2 months!! Happy Half!

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