I decided at some point over this past weekend that Monday would begin the Naps In Crib (NIC). I had to gear myself up for the struggle, because I knew it would be a struggle. It would mean less “me time” because who knows how long a nap would last with the change in setting.

We’re going to wait to move him to the crib for night time until he’s comfortable sleeping in there during the day. I refuse to make the bedtime a battleground. Besides, we are all at least getting some sleep together in the bed, so I’m not quite ready myself to kick him out when he is just such a ball of cuddles who greets me with the biggest smile in the world every morning. We’ll get there, eventually, and hopefully it won’t be too traumatic a transition for any of us.

He is napping in the crib right now. But it wasn’t easy. I wound him down, we did our routine, and it ended with him in the crib instead of the car seat. He was very upset. So I sang the lullaby and tried to shush him down, but eventually just left the room to let him cry in a Ferber-esque fashion. I went back in three minutes later. Then five. He was on his belly and seemed very close to shutting his eyes. But he had a wet diaper. So I changed him and he yelled a lot, but I put him back down on his belly again, patted and rubbed his back talking softly and shushing, and he did actually fall asleep.

But it’s that agonizing baby sleep where he’s still so upset that he keeps gasping. Or sobbing. Whatever the action is, it’s so heartbreaking. I’m glad he’s asleep on his own, but I really hate those little gasps. His nose also sounds a little stuffy.

He’s usually so active when he’s on his stomach that I didn’t think he would end up a tummy sleeper. At night, he sleeps on his side or back mostly. I guess when he’s all by himself and not strapped into a cozy little seat, the tummy just feels better. In any case, if we can keep it going this way, we might have a champion crib sleeper before too long. Keep your fingers crossed.


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