Doctor’s orders are for me to be more conscious. Of course, this is my take, not his words. I had a hunch before we went in that it might be a later-manifesting allergy. It’s not certain yet, because the possibility still exists that it’s just a virus, bacteria or other nasty little bug on its way out, but we’re also going to give the elimination thing a go, just to see what happens.

I’m not the most conscious eater. I mean, I try to choose wisely what goes onto my plate and into my mouth, attempting to avoid over processed and fast foods more often than not. I try to include veggies and fruits and proteins, etc. And one of the healthier ways I’d come to snack was to snack on things like cheese or yogurt.

Dairy has so much good in it. And it’s so delicious. And I’m really, really going to miss the big things like frozen custard, my daily yogurt and lunches of spinach and melted sharp cheddar folded in a warm tortilla. But I think what’s going to be most difficult is cutting the stuff I hardly think about. Like the addition of Parmesan cheese to my pasta. Or butter to… well, lots of things.

But I’ll do it. I’ll drink soy milk and eat plainer pasta and try to stay conscious of all those places dairy hides in plain sight. Because as gross as my boy’s poop was before, at least it didn’t concern me beyond the wiping and laundering. This new brand makes me a little more uneasy the longer it lingers. And if my diet is the culprit, well then, at least the solution also lies with me. And for the sake of his little intestines, I’ll give up whatever it takes.

So goodbye for now, my ice cream, custard, butter, moo-cow milk, cheese, chocolate, yogurt and every delicious food product originating from a bovine teat. I will miss you, but we’ll meet again so joyously when we either find out there’s no allergy after all or once my own milk ceases to flow.


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