Is my kid the only one who regularly naps right around the time that most mom-and-me events take place? Because it’s kind of troubling. I like getting out of the house during the day, but all the things I want to do seem to happen in the morning right around the time when M takes the longest and most reliable nap of the day. So far, it’s the only nap I can really count on, which means when there’s something else to do, a tough choice must be made.

The naps give me a break. They save my sanity in their own way. Especially the nice long morning one. But getting out of the house also saves my sanity in a different way. Because I get to talk to other people, I get to exist outside my own home and give my boy some experience of the world outside these walls, too.

I would much rather have these activities go on in the afternoon, right at that part of the day where we’re both staring at each other without much left to say, waiting for Daddy to get home. Or even at some point when there may or may not be an afternoon nap. I’d rather skip an afternoon nap (which often happens anyway), than the morning one. Because once the morning nap is skipped or cut short, well, the remaining naps of the day become a crap shoot.

I guess the problem is that even though many babies around my son’s age through before they give up the afternoon/evening nap tend to take this morning nap sometime between 9:30 and 11:00am, there are plenty of other moms whose children are older and no longer need that morning nap, so the timing becomes perfect for them.

But what about things that are geared toward babies between six weeks and nine months, such as the fitness class I’m about to start next month? Shouldn’t they schedule those for maybe, I don’t know, noon or 1:00pm, during the time when the babies will most likely be awake and interested in what’s going on? Instead of at 9:30, when my boy, at least, just starts getting cranky for sleep.

So. Starting on the 7th, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays should be interesting as we navigate the nap situation. Perhaps if we start getting up at 6:00, we can squeeze in an hour of nap beforehand. Or if we sleep until 9:00 (yeah, right), maybe he won’t start yelling at me until we’re back home. We’ve already done a bit of this rearranging as we’ve gone to meetings and other playgroups at 10:00 or 10:30. Doesn’t anyone do afternoons? Anyone? Or am I going to have to start an afternoon group myself? Don’t say that. That would involve even more planning. And initiative. And making contact with strangers.

For now, we’ll find a way to deal. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it when the nap lack makes life a little less pleasant those few days.


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