The Heart Grows Fonder

So I worked a whopping 9 hours yesterday. Man. I’m not used to that. I didn’t get home until almost 10:30pm, a good hour past my usual bedtime. By around 8:00, my friend and manager was feeling guilty because I probably looked a little bit zombie-ish. Which only got worse as the last two hours wore on.

The thing with retail is that you’re on your feet THE WHOLE TIME. And when your last job involved sitting on a cushy leather chair behind a desk? Well, the system gets a little shocked is all. I feel fine today, and future shifts will be a little shorter, and I asked really nicely not to have to close too often during the week anymore. I’m closing on Sunday, but the store’s only open until 6:00, so that won’t be bad at all.

But what I wanted to say was that it was SO HARD to leave home in the afternoon. I had to wake up M from his nap to feed him before I left, and he was just so happy to see me, and just so smiley. Now, when James leaves in the morning and the baby sends him off with smiles, it totally makes his day. Me? I just wanted to stay right where I was in the warm glow of that happy baby face. It was all I could do to tear myself from it and get out the door.

Since I’m working at a baby store, he was never far from my mind all day. Which was good because I got to talk about him a lot, which helped me not miss him so much, but kind of rough because I missed him so much.

The boys did fine by themselves, though the little one got quite grumpy from fighting the nap times, but when I walked in the door, they were both asleep on the couch. The big one woke up right away, and we went to bed without much fuss. Until the diaper leaked and sheets and jammies needed changing. But after that? Well it was a pretty usual night with relatively few wakings.


One thought on “The Heart Grows Fonder

  1. GT says:

    I am glad that it went well, and that you don’t have to put in such long shifts too often!!

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