I just have to say that even though my husband may question my methods of getting the boy to nap on his own, I feel so much saner when I have a few hours to myself in the day.

It was weird. I almost didn’t know what to do with myself yesterday when he napped for two hours in the morning, an hour and a half in the afternoon and a half hour in the evening. But then I remembered. Dishes. Laundry. The usual household to-dos. But I also got to sit back and relax on the computer. Shower. Even take a nap all by myself.

So the car seat will do in a pinch. I’ve been putting him in the crib first, of course, since that is the ultimate goal, after all, but so far he’s only slept in the crib once. And putting him down once he’s already asleep has a 100% failure rate, so that’s right out for the time being.

I’ve been gathering suggestions from several sources. Three sleep books: The No-Cry Sleep Solution (Elizabeth Pantley), The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems (Tracy Hogg), and Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems (Richard Ferber). The pediatrician. Message boards and Ask Moxie. Mom groups. Especially the AP moms in the La Leche League, because part of the “problem” is that M often will nurse to fall asleep, which is only really a problem because I’m so over the baby naps on laps and yes, even the cosleeping. So it’s nice to talk to other moms who’ve been there with a baby in the bed. Even though the baby sleeps pretty great, and the husband sleeps just fine, when the mommy’s not getting her quality Z’s, things are just not quite right with the world.

So. This week, naps in the car seat. Working toward the goal of crib sleep for naps to start. Once we’ve got the crib naps down, we’ll begin phase two, prepared for a few sleepless nights with the ultimate goal of getting back to a marriage bed from the family one. Not that M won’t be welcome for cuddles on his more difficult nights, just that he’ll have a place of his own to stretch out and flail and kick at will where he will spend most of his asleep time. Happy (hopefully) and independent.

I know it’s not going to be easy and it will take a lot of patience, since I’m sure it will take awhile to make the transition. But I’m optimistic because I have an incredibly happy and well-adjusted baby. He’s very adaptable, we just have to teach him how to adapt to this one thing. It could be a lot worse. But we have plans, and goals, and now? I think it’s bedtime. Because today? Not like yesterday. He’s asleep in the car seat right now (9:30pm), and this is pretty much the first time he’s napped longer than five minutes all day. Not his fault. He got shots today. They didn’t really upset him, cause a fever or lethargy or anything like that. Just set his day off-kilter enough that he’s not quite sure sleep is his best option. He’ll feel better tomorrow, and so will I. After some sleep.

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