More Good

Congratulations to Dana and Jason on their new addition born early yesterday morning. Of course he’s not as gorgeous as my little guy, but he’s totally adorable, and I’m stoked for them.

Greg took us out to dinner last night. And he’s cooking for us tonight. What more could you want in a house guest, I ask you?

I will probably be starting a new and regular part time job to bring in some regular money to help continue our regular life of eating and having a roof over our heads.  I had an interview on Friday. I showed up a little early, and I was on my way back home two minutes before I had been scheduled to be there. I think it went fine, and so I take the brevity to mean that I’m pretty much a shoe in. Haven’t heard back yet, but maybe tomorrow I’ll know more about what will happen.

I enjoyed the Moms’ Club meeting I went to on Thursday. A good topic and since I had baby M with me that night, I was very proud that he impressed everyone with how good he was. He was quiet during most of the talk and only spoke up a few times, but never cried at all.

So I’m looking forward to participating in more mom group things, and there are a few coming up. Like playgroup on Wednesday. I have a couple of La Leche League meetings this week. And there are a few more things on the calendar I’m looking forward to. James is still wonderful. And we have been able to get a few naps out of the baby the last couple days. Yes, he’s been in the car seat and not in the crib, but since I’m not having to write this while hunching over him on my lap, I consider that an improvement.


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