My Crown

A few weeks ago, I sent in a post to The Shape of a Mother. I’ve been reading that site for awhile now, and I just absolutely love it. I love all the people who contribute and all that it stands for. I think that it helps a lot of people. Mothers, yes, but women and men, too.

I don’t want to teach my son or any potential future offspring that beauty is limited. I want to be an example of beauty, of pride and health. I want him to find beauty in all shapes and sizes and to know that our scars are part of what defines us, what reminds us of the lives we’ve lived.

For mothers, our scars and sags, a little extra softness and curving all remind us of how lucky we’ve been to create and nourish life. We are mighty as we grow and change. We are all so beautiful.

So here’s a link to where I show my stripes, my most recent shape, the crown that I am so happy and honored to wear:


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