I Like

So I super-beat my deadline for my first of the two little jobs that came in. This first one should expand to become more than a “little” job, since my part this week was to offer up one (or two) of three (or four) design concepts for a website, meaning the website will also have to be developed and written eventually. And since I can do both of those things, I will probably be doing at least one of them.

But you know why I super-beat that deadline? Because I really, really like doing it. I like it so much that I was somehow able to find the time to do two design concepts in two days even when those days weren’t days where I had much husband help with the baby care. I got into design mode, where the images dance around in my thoughts until I get a chance to poke around on the computer. I’m kind of like Windows that way, with my background processes always going and going, except in my case, the rest of my performance doesn’t slow down because of it.

The best part about this week’s little design projects was that when I first started with that blank “canvas,” I was intimidated. I wasn’t sure that I could design something that would live up to the standards of the company for which I’m contracting. But by the end of it, I had two designs that I am very proud to call my own. Even though one of them already didn’t make the cut into the final three, I’m still glad that I did it, and I have it for future reference if I think it might work somewhere else. Do designers do that? Do they recycle ideas that got abandoned along the way? If they don’t, I feel kind of sad for the ones that have slipped into design purgatory without hope of resurrection. Certainly, though, if they are bad bad bad, they were rejected for a reason, but if there’s nothing wrong with it other than client or employer preference, it deserves a second (or third) chance, no?

The point is I’m doing something that I really enjoy. And I want to do more. When I finished my designs, I wanted to keep going. I wanted something new to occupy my background processes for another couple days. I still do. I’m hungry for it. Give me deadlines. Give me challenges. Give me creative opportunity. Give me more, more, more.


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