Best Walk Ever

So I stuck M in the sling because he was done eating, not wet, and just generally annoyed at being put down by himself. It’s in the 60s today, sunny and breezy, so we went for a little walk.

Can I just say? I know it’s January and all, and I should totally be longing for snow and bitter wind-chills, but I LOVE. THIS. WEATHER. It’s supposed to get cooler again tomorrow, but I am just thrilled over the fact that I get to spend some daylight hours out enjoying the sun and breeze.

So I walked down to the tennis courts, which for all I ever knew or saw from the sidewalk and the streets were just a couple of tennis courts, and as I turned the corner, in the middle of the road near another little residential cul-du-sac was the most giant bird I ever saw. It was fat. And bent over picking at something on the ground. It was a huge vulture. I took a picture with my phone, but I’m not sure how to upload that to the computer, so you’ll have to believe me. And actually, now that I think about it more, we have seen vultures around here once or twice. Usually flying, though, and from the car. At a distance that made it difficult to really comprehend the hugeness of those birds.

And for whatever reason, this afternoon, I decided to walk in closer to the fence around the tennis courts. I knew that there was a basketball court behind the tennis area, but as I made my way around the other side, the side that’s not visible from the road or sidewalk, I found a beach volleyball court, and the best part of all… SWINGS!

It has been so long since I have swung. I love swinging. Even now, still, as a mom coming up on thirty years old. But in Boston, I never found a park with swings. In Springfield, there was nothing in walking distance except the mall and the bookstore(s). So I’m betting that the last time I actually had a real swing set available to me must have been some of my Milwaukee summers maybe seven years ago or more. And I had no idea how much I missed it.

Of course, with a sleeping baby slung on my chest, I did not swing with my usual reckless abandon. But it was still good to sit on that little black strip of rubber, hang onto those chains and pump back and forth for awhile. In the shade of the brown-leafed trees, the dappled sunlight coming through, the breeze on my arms, my hair, the weight of my new little love on my chest, I was pretty close to heaven.

I always feel better after a walk, but today, I’m so glad that I went out and did a little exploring. It doesn’t sound like much, but sometimes a swing’s just the thing.


One thought on “Best Walk Ever

  1. GT says:

    I am so glad that you found a swing—it will be a great place to go, when you need time to yourself, or to take M for a ride!

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