Totally on Top of Things

Ha! I am so not on top of anything lately. I’m lucky there’s actually a load of adult clothing in the wash right now. Because usually the most I can muster is the diaper load because, well, it’s imperative that the diapers get washed lest we end up with a sewage situation taking over the nursery. Anyway, I’m a little behind on the dishes today because the husband took it upon himself to use every pot, pan, and utensil we have yesterday for beer & cheese soup (lunch) and homemade pasta (dinner). So he agreed that if I could just get the dishwasher emptied of yesterday’s load, he’d take over tonight. Which is a good deal considering the boy has been quite demanding this afternoon.

Anyway, it’s almost Christmas, right? I forget sometimes, you know, because it’s not like there’s any decorations or advertising anywhere at all or anything. Yeah, even though my televisual distraction time has shrunken significantly lately, I can’t help but be overwhelmed by the “BUY THIS”-ness of Christmas.

One thing we do plan to buy, though I argued, is Christmas cards. Yes, we probably should have thought of this back in November like normal people, but we’ve been a little preoccupied with other things. Usually, I love this aspect of the holidays, just because it makes me feel like I’m at least a little bit involved in the festivities at the same festive time as the rest of the world. But this year? Yeah. We’re broke, I’m exhausted, and I just didn’t feel up to the task. I think my holiday card address list is in need of an updating, too. But James, well, he is convinced that sending Christmas cards is the right thing to do. So I left it up to him to do them. We’ll see how that goes. My plan is to send my holiday card via email (so at least if the mailing address book is out of date, there’s the electronic one to fall back on).

And hey, we’ve still got a whole week before the actual holiday is upon us. And for my part, I’ve got about a month yet. Plenty of time. Or so it seems from here.


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