Brain Pudding

I’m on a deadline, and even though I have a good start on my current writing project, I’m sitting here this afternoon while the boy is sleeping for who knows how much longer, and I can’t for the life of me complete a simple paragraph. Is it because I’m spending too much time alone with an infant? I mean, I talk quite a bit during the day, but those conversations usually involve questions like, “Do you have a wet diaper?” and declarations of, “Here is the boob, have at it.” Not so useful in a marketing capacity, unfortunately.

This should come easier to me. I am a writer, after all. And more than that, I can point to several occurrences in my history as a writer that show how I do pretty well under pressure. And you would think that having a very limited baby nap time in which to work would be sufficient inspirational motivation. Not so much, today, because look, here I am. Blogging.

Yes, enough of this. Back to work.


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