Both Sides

I need a break. The husband had a touch of congestion, perhaps a mild cold, the last couple days, so that means all time is Mommy Time. Fun for awhile, sure, but there is also a hefty dose of the not-at-all-fun, you know, with the screaming and my favorite, the bloodcurdling screaming for absolutely no discernible reason.

Time slows down when the baby cries. I look up at the clock in the afternoon surprised to find only a few minutes gone by. At the same time, during that very same afternoon, I might also look up at the clock surprised to find hours missing. It’s a very surreal experience, this motherhood.

But right now? My son is cooing in his pack-n-play, trying out all sorts of new sounds, so I have to stop whatever it was I wanted to do while he was happy in there and go participate in his activities. Some days the happy baby time seems so scarce I just need to soak up as much of it as I can when it comes. Because I know it’s only a matter of time until the crying starts again.


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