To Be Continued?

So it’s Wednesday. The third day I’ve been on my own with the kid in a somewhat regular routine. I’ve learned that a morning nap is good, but if I have to choose, the afternoon one is better. At least for me and my own sanity.

I’ve learned that he likes me to wear him while I do chores. And doing chores is not a bad way to spend a portion of the day. Because now that I’m spending so much time around the house, I really do appreciate when it looks nice. And like Mom and I discussed, it is kind of nice when the husband comes home to a clean place.

I don’t feel pressed to get a whole lot done in one day, and doing a few things here and there and maintaining the clean in places where the dirt and mess continually reappears actually makes me feel more relaxed. And my newfound freedom from the television is also helping to make sure that I use the few precious minutes between screams, diaper changes and feedings to the best advantage.

Granted, it’s only been three days. I hope that it continues, but as the at-home parent, there’s really no excuse if it doesn’t.


One thought on “To Be Continued?

  1. GT says:

    Yea Sara! You go girl! Glad to see that you are starting to get into a great routine!

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