So for today’s adventure, I took the boy to the old bookstore just in case there might still be someone working there that I would remember from my days as a book-slave. And what do you know, the absolute LAST person I expected to see was actually there. Jane! She’s never there. In fact, giving her a call this afternoon was on my list of things to do because I wasn’t even sure that she still worked there.

But she was there! And others were there, too. People that had been gone for awhile, even when I still worked there, and were now back. It was a pretty good time, you know, when I could actually get a few minutes to chat with them, seeing as how the store manager was hovering around all over the place and giving the hairy eyeball to anyone who wasn’t doing something productive-like.

So we made tentative plans to have lunch soon so that we could talk outside the confines of one of us being on the clock. The last time I saw Jane, we had lunch and I was about 8 or 9 weeks pregnant. I kept thinking of her, meaning to call, and I think she might have thought of me, too, but she had a rough summer. But I got to introduce her to my son, and we did have a little time to catch up and chat. And I finally have her email address, which would have meant I could have kept her updated that way this whole time had I had it before now.

Anyway, I’m just so thrilled that she was around today. It made our little excursion that much more worthwhile. Even if spending so much time out today meant I got less done around the house than I wanted to. But all that stuff can always be done tomorrow, anyway.


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