Celebrate the Everyday

Even when it’s been just the two of us, husband and me, for Thanksgiving dinner, we’ve always made the effort. We would get a big turkey (for leftovers), make all the stuffing, casseroles and potato dishes that traditionally adorn the holiday table. This year, though, James had to work, and we both were up really early to take my mom to the airport and/or attempt to calm a squealing baby, so we’re sort of just letting the whole holiday thing pass us by this year.

There was one Thanksgiving when we were living in Boston that I did the whole feast myself. In a tiny kitchen and a tiny oven. It was only slightly disastrous, when the oven rack decided to come loose and threaten to dump the turkey but didn’t actually cause me to dump the turkey. It was nice, even though we ate on the couch in the living room.

But this year, even had we bought up all the fixins for a big Thanksgiving meal, the littlest and newest resident of our home would have demanded all the attention that might have gone into such preparations. Therefore, we had no plans, and I made no attempts. We spent the day taking naps, talking to family back home, and eating leftovers. And now? We will watch a movie.

Christmas will probably be about the same, sans the oh-dark-hundred ride to the airport.

The thing about the way we do holidays (January) is that to us, this is just another regular day, except for the fact that we don’t get mail, we can’t go to the bank, I don’t hear from many friends or business contacts, if any, and it’s really an effort to find that “holiday spirit.” Of course, with the bombardment of early Christmas advertising all over the television and everywhere, I have a feeling that it would still be kind of difficult to find the holiday spirit, in its purer sense, these days anyway.

But just because we haven’t stuffed a turkey or our guts doesn’t mean we aren’t overflowing with gratitude in our hearts this Thanksgiving. We had a mini-celebration with Mom on Tuesday, not the same food, but attempting to have it resemble the spirit of the official calendar designated day, which was nice. But today we also reflect on how lucky we are, what a good life we have with our little family, especially our new little man, and that every day is something to celebrate in this house.


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