Not Fixed, I Swear

Since both my mom and my dad voted in the guess the sex poll, I figured that it might come out suspiciously like a family conspiracy. But here’s what happened. Seven or so people guessed boy. Two guessed girl. So I guess I have about nine readers, after all. But I digress. Two of those seven were my parents. Everyone was assigned a number. I wrote down the numbers of the people who guessed boy on tiny scraps of paper, folded them up and scattered them around. I then told my husband to pick one because I knew that if I picked one, I might try it again and again and never really be sure who the real winner should be. So he picked one. I didn’t know who belonged to that number until I logged back into the form and sure enough, my mom was the winner. But I said that his pick would be the official one, so even though it looks fixed, I swear it wasn’t.

But I’ll tell you what the prize was, and you can see that if you aren’t one of my nine readers who originally voted, you can still get yourself something pretty right here if you are so inclined. One of those prints was the prize, so I couldn’t help but take the opportunity once again to pimp my art just a little.

Thanks to everyone who took a guess. There must be a little psychic in a lot of you people because even out there in the face-to-face world, most of the guesses I got were for a boy.


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