Raw Fish and Plum Wine

I had a date tonight. And it was a good day. We finally had a visit to the pediatrician’s office this morning that went just the way it should have been going all along. Today’s nurse practitioner was perfectly happy with his weight gain and the rest of his adorable baby qualities.

So Mom watched the little guy while we went out for dinner. We tried a new neighborhood Japanese place and ate sushi and sashimi, and we’ll be going back again sometime because it was all sorts of delicious. Not to mention that it was good to be out with the husband. I like hanging out with him so much. And it’s not that it’s not fun hanging out around the house with the whole family, but sometimes just a tiny little break makes the rest of it all that much more special.

I always hear so much about how hard it is for new moms to leave their baby behind with someone for the first time, whether it’s with a grandma, other relative or sitter. Now, I might have been a little more on edge had we left him with a near stranger, as a random sitter would have to be, but leaving him with my mother was pretty easy for me. I’m kind of surprised. James actually seemed more eager to return home than I was. Should I feel guilty for enjoying our brief getaway? Should I feel guilty for not feeling guilty for enjoying our outing?

I don’t think so. I think it’s always a good idea to have balance. My decision to try to make this work-at-home situation productive for our whole family was never a plan to stay at home all day. It’s hard not to stay at home all day, true, but the effort is worth it. And I’m excited that we have already made some effort. We’ve been out and around with and without the baby, and it’s fun. I feel like something is happening to me, making me more, or better. I don’t know. It’s good. I feel good and glad. And full of raw fish.


One thought on “Raw Fish and Plum Wine

  1. Oz says:

    Yum, sushi…

    Axel is only 2 weeks and 1 day old, and I am already looking forward to leaving him with my mom so I can go out to eat, or even just walk around downtown. I agree – balance is important. Glad you’re not feeling guilty for enjoying yourself!

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