More About Boobs

Maybe it’s not all about the boobies today, but I just got back from my very first La Leche League meeting, and if that’s not all about boobies, well, what is?

But more than boobs, tonight’s meeting was a great start to meeting other moms in my area. This group is a small group, since the moms around here tend to do things on weekday mornings or afternoons, not so much in the evenings and weekends, but everyone was super nice, and I’m looking forward to more meetings, and meeting more moms. That whole meeting more moms thing is something I definitely need to do.

We have a few friends around this area, but none with any kids yet, and these few friends are folks we don’t really see on a regular basis. So making new friends has been on my to-do list for awhile now, and making some new mom friends will be a definite bonus.

The other moms at tonight’s meeting said that I seemed to be doing very well for three weeks. They told me how they were all a mess at that point, that the first three months are the hardest. Honestly, I’m lucky. I have a good baby, we don’t have many issues, and I have help. So overall, it’s been pretty good times. I hope that they continue, and I guess I’ll just try to keep myself on the bright side as much as possible. Anyway, it’s always nice to get a little compliment that boosts the confidence.

I met some great women, I’m looking forward to meeting some more, and I also got some valuable information, others’ stories of personal experiences, resources and a place to go whenever I need some support.

And also? Mom is here. She cleans. She cleans lots. Our house looks awesome. We could totally have a party if we want now.


One thought on “More About Boobs

  1. Dana says:

    I’m very glad to hear that things are so positive for you!

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