New Networker

This morning I was awake at four. I got to sleep a little bit more after someone was done eating, but I didn’t go too deep because I had somewhere to be between 7:30 and 9:00.

I brought my brand new boy with me to go say hello to my Chamber friends. It was a good time. And even in his sleep, Michael won the hearts of a lot of people. He was a hit, and even his mom made a couple of new contacts that might help in her new business endeavors. So the outing was a good idea, though it meant that I ended up spending a lot of the rest of the morning and afternoon asleep on the couch.

It felt good to see so many smiling faces, smiling not only at the brand new baby, but also at me. It’s nice to be part of a group like that, people who are genuinely glad to see each other and spend a little time catching up. People who wish me well and tell me how good I look. Who ask about my life and share their own stories. Who have been through similar times in their lives and offer support and encouragement.

I even talked to someone who enthusiastically recommended her daughter’s pediatrician. They’ve been going to the same practice as we are for 13 years, but see a different doctor than the ones we’ve met so far, a doctor that they absolutely love. So we’ll probably try to see him next time.

So, even though we didn’t really make it out much after breakfast, I’d consider this to be a pretty productive day. I didn’t really mind spending the afternoon and evening in the house, nursing my boy, napping with him on my belly, wondering what he’s dreaming when he makes those faces in his sleep.


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