Feels Like

It feels like the monthlies. But stronger. More regular. I crawled and paced around the living room this morning while James slept in a little, and I let him, just in case it’s a long day or long night. Nothing is too close or regular just yet, but things are definitely happening. This is different than the tightening at the top of my stomach that’s been going on for weeks.

But part of me is still sitting here wondering if this really could be it. When James woke up and I told him what was happening, he got a big smile on his face and told me I was doing great. And now he is cooking up some bacon for me to eat.

I thought that there would be more going on in my mind as I came to this point. But mostly, I’m just thinking about my body, its position, what is comfortable, the exact type of sensation that keeps surging through it. I’m not even really watching the clock that closely. I’m trusting that I’ll know when to call the midwife, when to go to the hospital. And I’m trusting that when we get to that point, I’ll be able to stay relaxed and calm and have a great time, even if it does start to get really uncomfortable. Because we’re going to have a baby soon! And that’s just plain awesome.


One thought on “Feels Like

  1. Lee says:

    GOOD LUCK!! I’m sure all three of you will do great!

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