Not Just a River

I’ve mentioned before how it’s tough to plan for the post-baby period. Everything was like a blank, the focus on the baby. Baby clothes, diapers, baby furniture, baby visits, parental leave, out of town guests, baby doctors, birth classes, baby slings, baby kicks, baby this and baby that.

Today, I’ve reached a state of denial. And maybe it’s not really so much denial as coming to the conclusion that there will be life beyond baby, after baby.

I’ve got some work lined up. And I’m making the plans with the confidence that no matter how our family dynamic will change, I will be able to meet my goals and deadlines. I’m not going to fade into the background just because I’m at home with a kid. I’m excited to be a mom, but I’m starting to focus more on what the time at home will help me accomplish for myself in addition to this new role.

I just hope it all goes well. The balancing act. The quality of work and the quality of family time. For now, though, instead of just sitting around and waiting to pop, I’m sitting with my laptop and getting stuff done… ignoring the tightening, the squirms and the kicks signaling the end of a pregnancy and the beginning of, well, something else.


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