Sleeping through Class

At our second Hypnobirthing class, we learned several relaxation exercises. Meditation, hypnosis, however you want to call it. The end result was, however, a sleep-like state. Well, several. The class seemed to only last about an hour, tops, and we were really there for two and a half.

I was very amused after we left because normally, you sleep in class and you fail. After the first one, when our instructor pointed out that James and one of the other husbands had fallen asleep, James thought that he was in trouble or something. But then she said, that’s good. James was thrilled. He hopes we have more classes like that one.

I feel strange about the relaxation exercises. When they begin, it almost feels silly. But when I redirect my focus and give it a chance, it does work. But can I bring myself to actually practice? When there’s so much on my mind? So many other things going on? Of course, a good time to practice these things is at night, before sleep. Because the relaxation leads to sleep.

We are getting more and more excited to meet this little person. I’m starting to get a few aches and pains, nothing too extreme, and by no means anything that makes me want to be done already. We still have much to do, but James is getting eager. I won’t say impatient. But close. It’s amazing.


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