Holiday Weekend… What?

I guess because I don’t have anyone in the household starting up a fall semester of any sort, I completely forgot that this coming weekend includes Labor Day, which is, of course, the best Monday holiday because to celebrate hard work, you get to stay home from work.

So suddenly I find myself with a whole extra day this weekend. My Saturday was already looking pretty promising, what with my early nesting instincts starting to kick in and a whole day to myself to get things done. You know, like stuff, and things, and maybe some more stuff. And Sunday was set aside to spend with the husband and perhaps shampoo the car upholstery. Now they’re saying I get Monday, too? Whatever shall I do with myself?

I think I have the answer. Since Saturday’s things and stuff had mostly to do with domestic tidying and/or home organization issues, Monday’s things and/or stuff will probably see me staring vigilantly at my laptop and trying to figure out why the hell I can’t get my website to do what I want it to do. Because I’m sending out flyers next week, people. I’m starting to promote my artwork that I am set up to actually SELL over the Internet! With a web page! That’s not finished yet! But the flyers go out to almost 350 people NEXT WEEK! So… it’s off to code I go. And maybe I’ll do some of the tweaking on Saturday. But it would be nice to sit back for a relaxing several hours of HTML nit-picking after all the household ambitions have been met. So I’m looking at you, Monday.

By the way, if what I said about selling my artwork appeals to you in any way, it’s all set up over at Except for the part where you’ll be able to see a larger version of the print under consideration (check back for that after this weekend). But trust me, if you’ve seen any of my altered book pages before, you’ll like what’s being sold over there. </shameless promotion>

I am lucky. I get paid for not going to work on Labor Day. Other members of my immediate household are not so lucky. These other members of my household usually don’t even get a weekend evening to spend in a manner of their choosing. But that’s okay, I guess, since it makes a Sunday that much better. We will make pancakes and bacon. We will do a few minor chores. Maybe go out somewhere other than to our birth class. I missed him last Sunday. Because he had to make up for the weekend he took to go to Milwaukee. But this week, pancakes and bacon and lounging in our jammies until we feel bad for not being dressed. Usually about one or two episodes of X-Files after the dishes are done. Who needs to go away to spend a holiday? Not me. Nope. Not me.


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