On baby movement: Sometimes I feel bad that I’m the only one who gets to feel this. But most of the time, I’m secretly thrilled that I’m the only one who gets to feel this. The kicks are comforting. They make me smile or laugh. I feel healthy and strong, and baby seems the same.

Around the house: Our kitchen floor was apparently not installed properly. The pergo/laminate/wood/whatever is buckling from the heat and humidity this summer. So it will probably need replacing before next summer. One more thing to save up for. It wasn’t this bad last year. And neither were the fruit flies. Though there seem to be fewer crickets around.

On childbirth: I dreamed the whole thing last night, and I hope it goes just like that. It was quiet, and I was so happy. I was the first one to touch my baby, receiving it as it was born, painlessly sliding into the world, and I brought it to my stomach as James stood next to me, hand on my shoulder and totally in awe of the whole thing. Sure, it won’t be like that, exactly, but a girl can hope. And as we learned in our first birth class yesterday, the mind is powerful, and when you visualize something and focus on the desired outcome, the chances of achieving it increase.

On sleep: I sleep deeply these days. I wake up in exactly the same position in which I fell asleep. I wake up two to four times during the night to use the bathroom. Every time I stand up after sleeping, my hips are sore and stiff. Because I don’t move as I sleep. There are some days that I feel like avoiding sleep just so that I can avoid the aches it seems to bring. But I don’t do that, though, because I like sleep more than I dislike the aches. And once I’m up and moving around, the soreness pretty much goes away.

On procrastination: I don’t know why it’s been so difficult to keep up with the uploading of photos to my Flickr page, but it is. I have a few pictures from the shower and some new belly shots that need to go up. I know that Mom’s been waiting for those, and I’ll try to do it soon.

Regarding design and other computer things: I learned something new this weekend. And even though I don’t have a lot of the latest fancy software, I think I’m in a good place. I also designed a couple of logos last week. I’m planning to finish the updates to my own website very soon, too. There are a few things left to do, but they are exciting things. I have several jobs going right now or coming up, and I think this whole copywriting/art/design/freelancing stuff is really going to work out great.

On the “baby prep” list: Move out the last of the old furniture. Get “new” furniture. Find the right laundry detergent. Wash clothes and diapers. Hang pictures. Find pediatrician. Tour hospital. Pack hospital bag. What else?


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