Weekend Recap

So it’s been a few days. On Thursday, I had a job to work on. On Friday, I had a very wonderful visitor to entertain and be entertained by. On Saturday, I had some more work to do, but mostly cleaned up around the house and watched an old favorite movie, and later, we finally got a chance to get together with another good friend. Today, I spent with my lovely husband. We watched some newer movies, went for a walk and did the usual grocery shopping stuff.

I had a great time with Natasha on Friday. And I didn’t even get lost on my way home from dropping her off at Union Station downtown. You see, usually I end up in DC by mistake and can’t find my way out to save my life. Or at least somehow manage to turn myself around enough that it takes so long to get to a road I recognize that the bladder alert level has risen to “high.” So that was good. We had a nice dinner and a lot of great conversation, you know the kind that’s just not the same over a cell phone that decides it has had enough of where you live and drops your calls every three and a half minutes when you’re indoors. Yeah, kind of tough to keep the talk on topic under those conditions. Anyway, I’m glad that she was here, and even if we didn’t get to see her again today due to unforeseen circumstances that changed our original plans to meet her in Annapolis, it was still good, and I’m looking forward to the next time she ventures back into this neck of the woods. I really miss having her around.

Saturday was good. They just don’t make movies like The Princess Bride anymore. It’s a shame. Stacey finally got a chance to make the trek over to Woodbridge from Herndon, which doesn’t seem like it’s an hour drive away, but it is. So we had some dinner and caught up a bit. It’s always nice to see a familiar face, especially since the new friends around these parts take a little while to really get established. I’m not sure how else to explain that whole new friend situation. It’s always good to get together, but with the new friends, I seem to find it difficult to actually end my stories and listen to theirs. It can be a delicate dance sometimes, but it’s worth it. Anyway, I’m glad we finally got to see Stacey for awhile, since the last time we saw her, she was busy with the moving and the unpacking and what not.

Today, a nice relaxing Sunday. We probably could have done more, but it’s okay. James and I enjoy relaxing together, and it’s even possible that if we had actually gone up to Annapolis, it might have thrown us off a bit not having that Sunday down time we usually enjoy.

Overall, good times. I even got a back rub.

I’ll try to write some more this week, especially after my twelve-hour fast and in preparation for next weekend’s trip back to the motherland.


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