It rained on Sunday, so we went for a walk at the local shopping mall. It’s good that we don’t do this a lot because usually we do end up leaving the mall with a bag in hand. However, this time, we originally did have shopping in mind.

Before Sunday, I had about four shirts in my wardrobe rotation that I felt good wearing. I could still wear a few others, but their new tightness/shortness tends to give me a very self-conscious feeling. So I really felt the need to pick up a few new tops that are neither tank tops nor t-shirts, both work and weekend appropriate.

Of course, being the anti-shopper and penny-pincher that I am, I look at clothing purchases as a luxury. Because I could go on rotating my four shirts longer, I’m sure. Because when you’re pregnant, no one really expects you to be a fashion plate, especially when I am in an office environment where I rarely encounter anyone other than my boss, who probably wouldn’t really notice if I came to work in the same shirt two or three times in one week. And even if she did, she probably wouldn’t say anything.

But the thing is, I wore one of my new shirts today, and I feel completely adorable in it. It wasn’t something I needed, but even though I look at a few new garments as “treats,” being excited to get dressed justifies the expense. And you know what else? I refuse to pay full price for clothes. When I enter a store, I beeline for the sale/clearance racks. If I don’t find anything there, the debit card stays in the wallet, and I go on with my life. Clothes are far more expensive than I believe they have to be, and if I knew how to sew, I’d probably just make my own. But since I can’t, I depend on sales to get me through. And this strategy has served me well.

James also got an apparel-related treat on Sunday. We found a pair of shoes that he’d seen a few weeks ago on sale this weekend, and even though he could have gone longer in his current shoes, they were still in pretty sorry shape. And buying a new pair of shoes, I could tell, made him feel a little bit better about his own wardrobe, too.

The last treat we splurged on while walking the mall was at the candy store. And this is the only one that was thoroughly and completely unnecessary. The candy store candy is expensive, and the sugary sweets are in the “less the better” category of consumables. However, filling our bags up with our chosen treats made us giddy. Like kids. You know, in a candy store. So, probably not the wisest way to spend a few bucks, but I guess sometimes a little naughty fun makes it worthwhile in its way.


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