A Weekend

It has been a long time since James had both a Friday and a Saturday night off from work. I’ve mentioned how I find myself sitting around at home watching old movies on TV and wishing I was doing something else. Anything else. This weekend was different. Even though I spent yesterday afternoon watching TLC and working on some websites, by six o’clock, James was home for the night. We went out with friends both Friday and yesterday, and even though we probably shouldn’t have spent what we did on two dinners out, we had a really nice time.

James has been smiling around me a lot lately. The way he explained it was like this: he leaves in the morning, goes off to work and doesn’t really have a lot of time to think about what’s going on in other places, like with me. But then he comes home and sees me, all round and fertile, and it’s like getting the happy news all over again. When he was telling me all this, I remembered back to those early months, where I would sometimes need to remind myself I’m pregnant. Because I wasn’t sick. I wasn’t bloated. I wasn’t really experiencing any major physical sign that I was growing life.

Now, it’s different. I don’t need to remind myself because I can see it in the mirror and I can feel it jabbing and rolling around my womb. I am almost constantly aware of the nearness of this person and the event of its birth. James looks at me in a new way, lately, and I can see the awe and excitement in his eyes plain as day. It makes me feel warm. And when we spend more time together, especially on relaxing weekends, we get to share even more.

Last night, we played a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit, DVD Pop Culture (2) edition. Friday we watched a movie, and I fell asleep on the couch, so I was glad to be doing something that needed mental and physical engagement last night instead. Now, usually when we play the game, there are teams. I like playing on a team because I’m not the best at trivia games. In fact, I usually suck pretty bad. Pop culture is a little easier, since it has less to do with the acquisition and retention of knowledge and more to do with the ability to recollect. Though there were some ridiculously difficult questions, still. One of the best parts was on my first turn when I hit the wedge space and answered right and got myself the very first slice of pie. After that, though, I didn’t get another one until a lot later in the game, but I still answered some questions, even knowing the answers that other people missed.

But James proved himself once again to be the king of useless information. But hey, at least I married him, so that must make me some kind of queen.


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