By Any Other Name

We’ve been avoiding the serious naming conversation for awhile, now. But realizing that we’ve only got three more months to go is starting to get us talking a little bit more realistically about what we’d like to call this squirmy little fetus once it’s born.

However, we have sort of decided that we are going to wait on naming until after we actually meet the baby. So there will be no official announcing of names until an official announcement goes out. At my suggestion, though, we have been discussing some names to try to find a few that we both like.

James is all about tradition for a boy. Finding a name with meaning. This might have something to do with him being in the last position to pass on the family name. I don’t really have a problem with that, seeing as how it narrows the pool of names immensely and I haven’t fallen completely in love with any boy names I’ve encountered so far. It’s also kind of nice that some of the family names are not so common right now.

I’m hesitant about popular names for obvious reasons (hello, my name is Sara). But at the same time, I have come to the conclusion that a completely wackadoo out-there name comes with its own set of issues we may want to avoid. So I guess we’re looking for some kind of happy medium.

Which brings me to girls’ names. I asked James how he felt about giving a family name to a girl, and he had no strong feelings about it. For one thing, three family members (one of mine and two of his) all have the same first name (two of whom also have the same last name as us). As nice a name as it is, we’d rather not add to the confusion. We didn’t really discuss any other girls’ names from our various tree roots beyond that and decided that we’d rather go in our own direction if we have a girl. This was good news for me, since I actually have fallen completely in love with a girl’s name, though it happens to be fairly popular at the moment, which goes back to my conundrum.

Anyway, nothing is set in stone. And you never know how our minds might change once we meet this little person. Time is flying, but we still have plenty of time to decide.


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