Hard Working Eyes

Last weekend, we finally bit the bullet and brought home a wireless router so that I can actually use my laptop instead of the desktop when I want to get some work done (or read blogs, whatever).

I am in front of a computer all day at work. When I do my at-home work, it generally involves being in front of a computer. I like my laptop, and that I can sit on the couch in the living room to use it, but it seems to be a little harder on the eyes than other computers I have used.

Also, my posture is not great to begin with, and sitting with a computer on my lap doesn’t seem to be helping at all in that department.

So, I think it’s time for a new plan. A plan that not only helps me work at home in the evenings without headaches and eye-exhaustion, but also allows me to feel like I’m doing more than filling in a butt-print on the couch.

This is my plan: I will free the kitchen table of piles of folded laundry (our washer and dryer are right next to the table), and try to sit at the table more while I work during weeknights. On weekends, when James is at work, I will go somewhere else to work. I will take my computer and find somewhere with free wireless Internet, have some coffee or a snack, and even if I don’t speak to anyone besides the cashier, at least I will be surrounded by social interaction.

I want to do more to be even happier in my life than I already am. I want to stop complaining about being bored. I want to cut out the heavy sighs in my head. I want to stop just sitting there and take some action, but because I am easily overwhelmed, I have to start small.

Just going out somewhere once a week, even by myself, will probably make me feel better. Working seriously for a short time every day on my several ongoing projects will help me feel like I’m making some progress with my creative and career goals.

I’m not a diving-in girl. I’m a toes-first-to-test-the-waters girl. I go slow, but eventually, I will find myself fully immersed.


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