Usually it’s the man. The man half of the relationship that forgets things on anniversaries. I’d like to state, for the record, that I never once forgot that today would be our second wedding anniversary. I just kind of forgot to get my husband a token of acknowledgement of this fact.

Also, when we went out shopping, I forgot to wear my wedding ring. Oops.

But we did have a good day together. We’ve had another good year together. We’re making a baby this year. That’s big. And probably one of the big reasons that forgiving me for my oversights came quite easy to him today.

I was about to say that not a whole lot has really changed for us in this second year of marriage. We are still the best of friends. Neither of us would rather spend our free time with anyone but the other. We laugh a lot. We hug and kiss a lot. We are still totally disgusting in love with each other in the privacy of our own home. But some big things did change in our lives this year. We moved to this new home. I received my masters degree in the mail today after completing the program this spring. And I’ve already just mentioned the baby again.

But even though the circumstances around us might have shifted some, our relationship is the best it’s ever been. We drive to work together a few days a week. We make a big Sunday breakfast almost every Sunday morning. We might not lead the most exciting of young-adult lives, but we are happy doing our own things and sharing our days with each other.

This marriage stuff hasn’t been all that different from the shacking up. And the differences we have found seem to bring us closer together. The money was a little bit tough to get a handle on at first, mingling income, debt and monthly bills and trying to keep up with each other. But we’re in a good place now, and we know what to do to make it better. It’s hard to think of other things that changed with the signing of a marriage certificate and the walking down the aisle as husband and wife, because we were already family before we said “I do.”

danceJuly 8th is a good date. It’s the big anniversary for us, now. Before the wedding, we tried to keep other anniversaries in mind, like when we started dating (hard to pinpoint exactly because of certain distance-related circumstances) or when he proposed. But James is always two days off on the engagement date, and recently those other dates don’t seem to set off bells in either of our minds. But this day, this anniversary, this is when we made it all official. This day, two years ago, I married my best friend. We drank, and we danced, and we loved the night away. And even if I failed to spend a few dollars on that perfect Hallmark sentiment, I’ve tried to celebrate this anniversary all day with my actions and my words to him. I try to celebrate our relationship like that every day, actually, but especially today.

We both find it hard to believe sometimes, that we wound up here, together. We are amazed at how right this love has managed to turn out. We are not only in awe of each other as husband and wife, but the coming year promises even greater things. Our third year of marriage will reveal us as mom and dad, we may find ourselves in different jobs, with other unanticipated changes of circumstance. But whatever the future holds, we are strong enough together to take on anything.

Happy Anniversary, Husband. I hope that I will always make you proud to call me “Wife.”


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